How the New Charlie's Angels Movie Is Bringing the Townsend Agency Into the 21st Century

It's been over 40 years since we were first introduced to the Townsend Agency, and in 2019, that private detective organization has taken on a whole new look. Charlie's Angels may be the latest installment in a long line of TV shows and movies in a well-known franchise, but it definitely stands out among its predecessors. In November 2018, Popsugar got to visit the Berlin set for the film and learn all about the ins and outs that make this movie so different from the rest.

First things first: don't call it a reboot. While speaking with producer Max Handelman, he made a point to emphasize that the film is a continuation of the franchise, rather than an attempt to discard all continuity in the established series. You can also expect the new film to take into consideration how different 2019 is from 1976.

"America was a different place than it is in 2018, and women

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