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Film Review: Love and Other Cults (2017) by Eiji Uchida

Eiji Uchida has come to be a well-known name in modern Japanese cinema, with films that take a look at the seedier side of modern life. “Love and Other Cults” continues his engaging blend of comedy and drama from his previous film “Lowlife Love” (2015), with an unconventional love story involving two high-school students.

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The film begins with a hilarious sequence of three high-school boys in a public toilet contemplating calling the number on the wall that purports to be a woman offering sex. After dialing the number, the trio are confronted by a prostitute, along with a her pimp, neither being significantly older than the three awkward teens who called the number. After being humiliated by a further group of gang members, who are revealed as the ones running this scam, we are told that the woman’s name is Ai Shima. The voiceover narration then helpfully

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