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Film Review: Full Contact (1992) by Ringo Lam

One day a Film historian will discover just what Faustian pact was agreed back in the late 1990’s that decreed that if a Hong Kong film maker wanted to enter Hollywood then they must first make a movie with Jean Claude Van Damme. Personally, am still convinced that Van Damme was a life force sucking vampire as no-one was ever quite the same again creatively. Probably the worst affected was Ringo Lam who pre Hollywood was producing a string of edgy action thrillers to rival the best of his contemporaries. After watching his recent output, the re-release of “Full Contact” presents a chance to remind myself just what a force he was.

Jeff, a nightclub bouncer, agrees to a robbery in Thailand to help out his friend Sam who owes money to loansharks. Sam’s cousin Judge and his associates Virgin and Deano betray Jeff, leaving Sam

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