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‘Rim of the World’ Review (Netflix)

Stars: Jack Gore, Miya Cech, Benjamin Flores Jr., Alessio Scalzotto, Andrew Bachelor, Annabeth Gish, Scott MacArthur, Dean Jagger, Michael Beach, Lynn Collins, David Theune, Tony Cavalero, Carl McDowell, Punam Patel, Jason Rogel | Written by Zack Stentz | Directed by McG

Charlie’s Angels and Terminator Salvation director McG continues his path of exclusive Netflix content after The Babysitter, with Rim of the World. A more family-friendly oriented feature that follows a quadruple group of kids who are all at camp for the summer when a worldwide alien invasion begins. Devastating the planet and plunging the world into chaos with only the hope of these very four diverse children the only chance for survival.

McG crafts here what is essentially a pleasant surprise from the often hit and miss director. Rim of the World is fine fodder. It never oversteps the mark or feels too dissident from what it aims to be

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