Gotham: The Fifth And Final Season Blu-ray Review

In the eyes of this lifelong Batman fan, Gotham will forever remain a wonderful part of the character’s enduring mythos. I’m aware of how a percentage of you scoff at how it retold the Dark Knight’s beginnings – and those of his villains, for that matter – but it’s important that creators keep things fresh. After all, our hero couldn’t have gotten this far if everybody rehashed the same tales over and over again.

Over the five years that Gotham had been on the air, I couldn’t help making comparisons to Smallville in various news articles and reviews. And at a time like this, it’s hard not making another one. I say that because while both shows had a similar goal in fleshing out the backstory of a beloved icon, Smallville covered much more ground during its ten-season lifespan. On the plus side, like Smallville,

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