Drive-In Dust Offs: Devil Times Five (1974)

I can’t get enough of those murderous, irascible brats; The Bad Seed (1956) started it for me, and then those weirdo, virginal birth alien kids from Village of the Damned (1960) sealed the deal – kids can’t be trusted. This brings us back to the ‘70s, and before we get to wee Damien, we’re babysitting Devil Times Five (1974), a thriller that goes from low-key creepy to wtf over the span of 88 minutes.

Originally released as Peopletoys in May, it was re-released in June as The Horrible House on the Hill, and then re-re-released in October of ’76 as Devil Times Five. This indecisiveness is par for the course of this production as original (and credited) director Sean MacGregor (Gentle Savage) was booted from the project for only coughing up 38 minutes of usable footage, and veteran producer David Sheldon (Grizzly) was brought in to overhaul and finish things up. The result is

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