Anni Browning reflects on the joys – and challenges – of dealing with producers

Anni Browning accepts the 2017 Spa Award to Film Finances for Best Service and Facilities.

In 22 years with Film Finances Australasia, Anni Browning experienced numerous highs and faced a few challenges as the cinema industry ebbed and flowed.

Browning, who has stepped down as MD of the completion bond company but is still a consultant, supported Rachel Perkins’ debut feature Radiance.

She took one of her biggest risks on a Rolf de Heer movie, which she counts as one of her proudest achievements.

The biggest trend during her time has been the proliferation of low budget films, despite the need to pay crews and allocate reasonable money for post- production. Film Finances bonded a lot of films budgeted at $1 million- $1.5 million and one-off feature docs costing as little as $100,000- $200,000.

One thing which has not remained constant is the insurance bond premium. When she started it was as high as 6 per cent of the budget.

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