Arabella Weir on her aggressively unhappy mother: ‘In my memory, she got rid of me’

The actor and comedian has been a fixture on British TV for more than two decades. Now, in her first one-woman show, she unpicks the difficult maternal relationship that shaped her

Even close to the end of her life, Arabella Weir’s mother was still concerned about her daughter’s weight. “Literally two days before she died,” says Weir, with a grim laugh. “I said: ‘You’re dying and you’re worried about how fat I am?’ She went: ‘Oh God, look at you, though.’ And I said: ‘We’re not doing this shit now.’ And she didn’t back down, nor did she apologise.” Ten years on, there is revenge of sorts – or catharsis, or a kind of exorcism, or merely some giddy laughter that comes from the triumph of surviving such a dysfunctional childhood. Weir is now going to Edinburgh with her one-woman show, in which she unpicks

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