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Interview with Kimihiko Nakamura: In recent Japanese movies and TV dramas, smoking scenes have been considerably decreased. That gave rise to the idea of killing aliens with cigarette smoke

Kimihiko Nakamura started his career as an actor mostly in V-cinema productions under the alias Salmon Sakeyama. His credits include 52 movies with titles such as “Girl Hell 1999”, “Blood Sisters” and “All Night Long: Initial O”. After winning an award for his script at the Hakodate Film Festival, he switched to directing using his actual name this time.

On the occasion of “Smoking Aliens” screening at Japan Filmfest Hamburg, we speak with him about the crazy story of the film, smoking, and shooting films in Japan.

Can you introduce to our readers how you became a director and screenwriter?

With my experience as staff and as actor in various films and TV shows, I made my own plans and scripts. Because those were approved, I became film director.

Where did you get the idea for creating such a crazy narrative as Smoking Aliens?

In science fiction movies, is it often the

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