Review: Gotham: The Fifth and Final Season, Gotham: The Complete Series

When Gotham screened its pilot episode at conventions, I watched with fascination, because it showed such promise as a moody, atmospheric take on the pervasive corruption that created the antibody of The Batman. Sure, it wasn’t entirely based on eighty years of canon, but nothing could do that, so I was prepared.

I stopped watching with regularity halfway through the second season because it stopped being what was promised and became something else entirely. It was a ham-fisted, over-the-top camp take on a modern-day comic, more beholden to the ABC Batman series than the comics.

With each successive season, the twists came faster, the characters stopped making sense, and internal logic was found only in the dictionary. This was a manic Gotham City, where the line between good and evil, moral and corrupt, quality and crap was blurred with every scene.

While earlier a ratings darling, it crashed under

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