Look Who's Talking Reboot Is Happening at Screen Gems

Yet another classic movie is getting the reboot. It's been revealed that Screen Gems, a division of Sony Pictures, is in the early stages of developing a Look Who's Talking reboot. The original 1989 comedy was a huge hit and now, thirty years later, the studio is hoping they can modernize the concept and cash in on the idea with current moviegoers. Jeremy Garelick, who previously helmed The Wedding Ringer, which starred Kevin Hart and Josh Gad, will serve as writer and director.

According to a new report, Jeremy Garelick is just now getting underway writing the new take, so this is very early days. Adam Fields (Donnie Darko) is on board as a key producer. At the present time, there are no specific details regarding how Garelick intends to adapt the story for modern times, it's said that he intends to allow for a diverse cast in this version. The

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