Acting is an introspective job: Purab Kohli

By Arundhuti Banerjee

Mumbai, July 12 (Ians) Be it Onir films such as "My Brother Nikhil", "Bas Ek Pal", and "I Am", or Sujoy Ghosh's upcoming web series "Typewriter", it is interesting to note how actor Purab Kohli has delivered some of his finest performances in collaboration with Bengali filmmakers. The actor says, without being biased, he believes that Bengalis have always been among the finest storytellers.

"There is no denial of the fact that although there are so many great filmmakers and writers in the country, Bengalis are known for their art, culture and storytelling. Although I have not watched a lot of Bengali films, I have many Bengali friends. All of them are very artistic. Their storytelling really fascinates me," Purab told Ians.

"I have always enjoyed Onir's writing, and Sujoy's work has always fascinated me. So whenever I collaborate with them, magic happens," added the actor.


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