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‘Fresh Meat: Giallo Restorations Part II’ Trailer: Italian Pulp Films See New Life — Watch

When reminiscing about ’70s exploitation cinema and its multitude of subgenres, it’s easy to skip over giallo. The gory Italian crime films, full of switchblade stabbings and gratuitous sex, are pure fun with an artful touch. With their stylized nature and refusal to shy away from violence, these movies are often thought of as the thriller equivalent of spaghetti westerns. Adapted from pulpy paperback books (the term “giallo” is a reference to the yellow color of their pages), their over-the-top titles are often just as fun as the films they describe.

Giallo may not dominate the zeitgeist these days, but somebody had to recognize their artistic significance. Lately, Quad Cinema has been stepping up to do just that. Last year, the New York theater brought six newly-restored giallo films to the big screen. The series was a success, so they’re back for more. Starting this Friday, six more giallo restorations will be screening,

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