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Sebastian Maniscalco Celebrates 20 Years in Comedy

Sebastian Maniscalco Celebrates 20 Years in Comedy

Developing a rapport with hotel staff members is not uncommon for celebrities, especially those who travel frequently enough because of work or press opportunities to have multiple encounters with folks who carry their luggage, make up their rooms and serve them food. But when comedian Sebastian Maniscalco warmly greets the Four Seasons Los Angeles server who’s about to take his order, he’s not just commemorating the umpteenth time he’s popped in for a Cobb salad; rather, it’s because they worked side by side almost two decades ago while Maniscalco was quietly building what has become a comedy empire.

It’s that tireless, immediate man-of-the-people relatability that has helped him connect with one audience after another, and eventually, carried him from one side of the table to the other where he is celebrating 20 years in comedy.

Maniscalco might be an under-the-radar performer to many among the teen

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