Paramount Almost Made A TV Adaptation Of The Monster Squad

Rebooting or adapting 1980s television and movies is hot business right now, from Child’s Play to the troubled Lost Boys series, as well as a new prequel for Gremlins. One property that didn’t get the green light though is The Monster Squad, as it’s been revealed that a planned TV adaptation of the 1987 movie couldn’t get off the ground at Paramount. According to original director Fred Dekker, the studio were interested in reviving the much-loved film, but development was limited.

Dekker spoke to Moviefone about why The Monster Squad series didn’t happen, commenting as so:

“I’ll be completely honest, Shane Black and I have both been approached about adapting The Monster Squad for television. Was it my first choice? No. But I’m a big fan now of long form television. And figuring out a way to take Monster Squad and turn it into

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