Review: "American Horror Project Volume 2"; Arrow Blu-ray Release

By Tim Greaves

It’s been three years since ‘American Horror Project’ was unleashed. Comprising an eclectic gathering of indie curios from the 1970s, the fact it was announced as Volume 1 led to much anticipation as to what future collections might serve up.

Well, Arrow Video has finally issued Volume 2. It’s been a long wait. Was it worth it? For those whose passions run to the sort of weird, otherworldly slices of 70s small-town America represented by the first, the answer would be a resounding yes. But, as before, for a more general audience it’s unlikely to harbour much appeal. Regardless, whether you think they’re deserving of Blu-ray resurrection or not, all power to Arrow – and ringmaster of this circus of the bizarre, film historian Stephen Thrower – for rescuing these micro-budget productions from the bowels of obscurity, giving them a wash and brush up and setting them

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