Catherine Tate’s Getting Her Own Doctor Who Audio Series

It’s been nearly a decade since she last appeared on the show, but Catherine Tate hasn’t stayed away from the world of Doctor Who for good. Since 2016, she’s been reprising the role of Donna Noble opposite David Tennant in Big Finish Productions’ The Tenth Doctor Adventures audio drama series. In her next outing, however, Tate will be going at it alone, meaning Donna will be the star for once.

Big Finish has announced that a new boxset titled Donna Noble: Kidnapped! is on its way. The four stories will see the Doctor nowhere to be found with Donna left to pilot the Tardis by herself and go around saving the universe in his stead. She’ll even get her own companion in the form of Nat (Niky Wardley), who’s described as “everything Donna isn’t – a career woman, happily married, successful, and confident.”

For those who care about continuity,

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