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We Can't Help but Wonder: Is Our Fave Veronica Mars Bff Wallace in the New Season?

Mild spoilers for the Veronica Mars revival ahead!

The Veronica Mars revival on Hulu reunites us with nearly all of the original cast of characters, bringing back the faves we haven't seen in years and seeing what they've been up to. Of course, it wouldn't be Veronica Mars without Wallace Fennel, Veronica's trusty, loyal, take-no-crap best friend. Never fear: actor Percy Daggs III returns for season four, bringing Wallace back when Veronica needs him the most.

When we rejoin him in the revival series, Veronica's longtime bestie has turned out to have one of the most stable lives out of the entire main cast. He's still coaching basketball at their alma mater, Neptune High, and by the time the revival starts up, he's happily married and has a baby son. The friends are still close, as the first episode shows Veronica going to dinner at Wallace's house and hanging out with his family.

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