Review Round-Up: “Bottom Of The 9th” And “Iron Sky: The Coming Race”

Ladies and gentlemen, as the weekend washes over you (and I hope you’re keeping cool), we are back with the review round-up. Yes, in order to cover a couple of new titles arriving in theaters on a limited basis, we’re combining them into one post. Today, we’ll again be briefly discussing two particular films, both of which are quite different from each other. The movies in question are the sports drama Bottom of the 9th, as well as the science fiction comedy Iron Sky: The Coming Race. Both of these flicks potentially offer up something a bit different and may or may not be worth your time this weekend. That question, in particular, is something I’ll again attempt to answer right now, so let us dive in! Bottom of the 9th I wish there were more baseball movies in the world. The sport may be slowly paced,

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