Media Pundits Critique Mueller Hearings At Halftime Break: Special Counsel Is No “Matinee Idol”

TV pundits seem to have come to the same conclusion about special counsel Robert Mueller’s damning testimony before Congress this morning: Mueller is boring. (Watch the livestream here.)

Mueller’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on the subject of obstruction of justice reiterated a number of his report findings damaging to President Donald Trump: Trump was not exonerated, Trump could theoretically be criminally charged with obstruction after leaving office, Russia’s election interference was a “serious” threat to American democracy.

But for their half-time reports, media pundits seemed far more focused on Mueller’s occasionally stumbling delivery and his refusal to address various topics.

“On optics,” said NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, “this was a disaster.” In a tweet, Todd said House Democrats were looking “for this dramatic moment that would capture the imagination.”

“Impeachment’s over,” Terry Moran, ABC’s senior national correspondent, noting

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