‘Carnival Row’ Teaser: Cara Delevingne, Orlando Bloom Have an Aggressively Passionate Fairy-Human Love Affair (Video)

Amazon has released a teaser for its upcoming fantasy series “Carnival Row,” which stars Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, who have an extremely passionate fairy-human romance.

Set to Billie Eilish’s song “Bury a Friend,” the teaser gives us a look at the show’s fantasy land where people, fairies, and otherworldly beings intermingle — and where “monsters are real.” You can watch the teaser above.

Bloom (“Pirates of the Caribbean”) and Delevingne (“Suicide Squad”) star in the series set in a Victorian fantasy world filled with mythological immigrant creatures whose exotic homelands were invaded by the empires of man. This growing population struggles to coexist with humans — forbidden to live, love, or fly with freedom. But even in darkness, hope lives, as a human detective, Rycroft Philostrate (Bloom), and a refugee faerie named Vignette Stonemoss (Delevingne) rekindle a dangerous affair despite an increasingly intolerant society. Vignette harbors a secret that

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