Epix Developing Comedic Western From Ron Shelton & Frank Marshall, Apollo 8 Limited Drama From Makeready

Epix has put in development two more series, Wicked, Kansas and Rocket Men. Epix is expected to make the announcement during its TCA session.

Wicked, Kansas is a darkly comedic western from Oscar-nominated feature writer Ron Shelton and Oscar-nominated feature producer Frank Marshall.

Rocket Men, from Brad Weston’s Makeready and Brillstein Entertainment, is a six-part limited series based on the best-selling book by Robert Kurson.

Set in 1968 – the year of the Tet offensive, the assassinations of Mlk and Rfk and the Chicago DNC riots, It tells the true story of the Apollo 8 mission as a stark example of what America was capable of in a time of dramatic violence and discord, Rocket Man focuses on the three astronauts of the Apollo 8 crew and their families, presenting a vivid, gripping narrative that shows anew how much danger was involved – and how much

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