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Mona Ambegaonkar joins the cast of "Love Life and Screw Ups 2"

Mona Ambegaonkar has reached the peak of her career where she is known for her brilliant acting in Indian cinema and television. She has done around 15 plays, 18 feature films, 38 tv projects, and the list goes on. The zeal to accomplish success in her life has carried her long way.

?Mona will soon be seen in Kapil Kaustubh Sharma?s ?Love Life and Screw Ups? season 2 as a Maharashtrian lady. She plays an interesting character of a mother who is in search of a groom for her daughter. ?It is a comedy-drama which depicts a lady who is very conservative in nature yet funny and simple but likes to gossip at the same time.?

?The Evening Shadows? actress will also be seen in another of Kapil Kaustubh Sharm?s film called Dunno Why: love is love in which Mona plays a supportive elder sister to her gay brother and fights for him against the world.

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