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Jackie Chan Reignites Action Film Week in China

Jackie Chan Reignites Action Film Week in China

Chris Tucker, Adrien Brody and Paul Haggis were on hand Saturday to give a huge high-tech finale to the fifth edition of the Jackie Chan Action Film Week. So too were Crystal Liu Yifei, star of Disney’s upcoming “Mulan,” and a bevy of top Chinese talent.

Moving the event from the fringes of the Shanghai festival in June, to a new date and spectacular outdoor venues provided by provincial town of Datong, some 200 miles East of Beijing in Shanxi Province, may have revitalized the Action Film Week. Upbeat organizers now talk of franchising the event to other countries.

If the opening on July 21 was reportedly relatively quiet, the closing ceremony was a razzamatazz of stunts, choreography and pyrotechnics with ambitions of matching an Olympic Games or World Cup opening.

Held in a full-sized sports arena, with perhaps 20,000 spectators, the show opened with a troop of astronauts arriving from the skies,

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