Horror Highlights: The Exorcism Of Clarita, Gemr’s Collection Complete Season 3 Trailer, Travel Channel’s “Ghostober” Programming, Rapid Eye Movement Trailer

Directed by Roderick Cabrido, Exorcism of Clarita has possessed theaters and will take over On Demand and digital platforms this fall. Also in today's Horror Highlights: the season 3 trailer for Gemr's Collection Complete, Travel Channel's Ghostober programming details and Rapid Eye Movement trailer and release details.

Exorcism of Clarita Release Details: "A group of doctors was killed by supernatural forces, Fathers Salvador and Benedicto will have their faith tested when they are tasked to perform an exorcism on a possessed woman named Clarita.

1953 - A group of doctors is killed by supernatural forces linked to a possessed woman named Clarita. The Catholic Church sends Fathers Salvador and Benedicto who are tasked to perform an exorcism. Meanwhile, a photojournalist investigates the truth about Clarita's possession and helps the two priests perform the exorcism. Their journey to help Clarita shakes their faith as they face demonic encounters.


Jodi Sta.Maria, Ricky Davao,

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