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Interview with Eun-kyung Shim: I felt that my acting reflected everything that I was feeling when I was embodying that role

Born in South Korea in 1994, Shim debuted as a child actress in multiple South Korean and Japanese dramas and films between 2004-06. After beginning her acting career and entering high school in Seoul, Shim moved to the States and finished high school in New York’s Professional Children’s School in 2013. Shim won eight awards for her role as a 74-year-old in the body of a 20-year-old in the festival circuit break-out hit “Miss Granny” (2014).

On the occasion of her film, “Blue Hour“, screening at Japan Cuts, we speak with her about the role of Kiyura, her chemistry with Kaho, her co-protagonist, her collaboration with Yuko Hakota and Denden, and many other topics.

What drew you in this particular role?

There are many things that drew me to this role. First of all, I think stories about women are quite rare and the story about two women going on a

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