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First-ever Czech-Swiss co-production Lost in Paradise shoots in Prague - Production / Funding - Czech Republic/Switzerland

Fiona Ziegler’s absurd comedy-road movie revolves around the clash between two worlds and “the grotesque charm of the bourgeoisie”. Czech-based Swiss filmmaker Fiona Ziegler, a Famu graduate, is presently shooting her debut feature, Lost in Paradise, which is expected to wrap on 8 August. Ziegler’s absurd comedy-road movie is the first-ever Czech-Swiss co-produced project, and is being shot in Prague and Bern. The story is described as revolving around the clash between two worlds, and the movie stars Swiss actor Dominique Jann as the protagonist, Evžen, and Czech actress Hana Vagnerová as his love interest. Evžen traded Switzerland for Prague, a city his father left in 1968, to live an independent, bohemian life running a music club called Venuše (Venus). His situation changes suddenly when a fire breaks out in the venue and he has to pay for the damage within a week to avoid eviction. In order to continue.

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