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Baldur's Gate: The Legacy of a PC Gaming Classic

Matthew Byrd Aug 1, 2019

We spoke with former BioWare programmer Cameron Tofer about the legacy of Baldur's Gate, the game's enhanced editions, and modern RPGs.

This article is part 3 in our History of PC Gaming series.

The reveal of Baldur’s Gate III inspired a couple of popular reactions. To some, it represented the long-awaited comeback of a franchise that is synonymous with the idea of what a role-playing game should be. To others, it forced them to ask aloud with some trepidation “What is Baldur’s Gate?”

Cameron Tofer is a game developer familiar with the long, and sometimes complicated, legacy of the seminal computer RPG Baldur’s Gate. He not only co-founded Beamdog, the studio working to preserve and enhance the Baldur’s Gate series and other vital RPGs, but he worked as a programmer at BioWare when one of the most legendary studios in gaming was little more

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