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An Experiment Goes Too Far in Exclusive Trailer for Sci-Fi Short Film Lucid Nation, Premiering on Dust on August 8th

What at first seems like a lighthearted middle school experiment of ping pong balls, red light, and white noise soon turns into an obsession that could unlock a door into the vast, deadly unknown in Lucid Nation. Ahead of its premiere on Gunpowder & Sky's Dust label on Thursday, August 8th, we've been provided with the exclusive trailer for Lucid Nation to share with Daily Dead readers.

You can get a look at the escalating dread of the experiment in our exclusive Lucid Nation trailer below, and we've also been provided with posters from the short film. Keep an eye on Dust's Facebook and YouTube pages to learn more.

"Lucid Nation Synopsis

Best friends Henry and Josh attempt an experiment at home that they learned about in school. After stealing a red light bulb from the school's dark room, they cover their eyes with ping pong balls and listen to white

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