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Blu-ray Review: Night Killer (1990)

Consider the oeuvre of Clyde Anderson, or as he’s known in the real world, Claudio Fragasso: Monster Dog. Beyond Darkness. Troll 2, fer chrissakes. Now imagine a slasher/psychological thriller with one foot on Elm Street, one in a Skinemax extravaganza, and no ties to reality and you have Night Killer (1990), Fragasso’s opus on memory loss and murder. And if you guessed that Severin Films has a brand spanking new Blu-ray out to document this insanity, you’d be right.

Originally released in Italy in August, Night Killer was sold as Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 in the grand Italian tradition, although it has nothing whatsoever to do with that franchise (in the same grand tradition). What it does offer is a mixture of misdirection, insanity, bloodshed, and expected sleaziness. What it does not proffer is boredom.

How could it when it opens during a dance rehearsal in which

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