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Survival Box is Best Left Six Feet Underground: A Film Review

*full disclosure: an online screener of this film was provided by levelFilm. Director: William Scoular. Writer: Ashlin Halfnight. Cast: Michala Brasseur, Adam Moryto, Jessica Cummings, Paul Syrstad and Boris Bilic. Survival Box is an indie thriller? from first time director William Scoular and screenwriter Ashlin Halfnight ("Bloodline"). To be released later this year, this sci-fi yarn/yawn takes place in an underground bunker, for most of the film's runtime. A nuclear event has taken place above, trapping seven characters below. There have been a few films of this style, from Matt and Ross Duffer's compelling title Hidden (2015) to the fairly sterile 400 Days (2015). However, neither of these films were as unbelievable as the one reviewed here. Characters act strangely within the Survival Box, while immune to cabin fever. The only film element worse than the films lack of realistic character actions is the film's tedious plot development. Story elements just plod along for the.

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