Instinct Spoilers For Season 2, August 11, 2019 Episode 7 Revealed

Hey, "Instinct" fans. We hope you guys enjoyed tonight's episode 6. Now that it's officially done and over, it's time to take a look at a few scenarios that will play out in the next, new episode 7. Thanks to the lovely people over at CBS, we were able to get a few teaser descriptions for episode 7 via their press release. So, we will certainly be referencing those in this spoiler session. As usual, we'll start things off with the title reveal. Episode 7 is officially being called, "After Hours." That's not really an original title, but it is fitting for the contents of this episode. It sounds like episode 7 will feature some pretty interesting, possible dangerous,action-filled and dramatic scenes as Dylan and Lizzie go undercover in the erotic underworld! Julian gets a significant visit from a past love and more! We'll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the

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