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Mulan International Film Festival (MulanIFF) announces the program of 2019

The Mulan International Film Festival (MulanIFF) is Canada’s largest film festival that celebrates Chinese-language films and Chinese filmmakers all around the world. The second year of the festival will be held from August 9 to August 17, 2019, in downtown Toronto. The festival will open with The Little Shrimp, the debut feature of the newly-graduated director Chen Zhilin (Chilam), who will be attending the festival. It will close with the Canadian Premiere of Stanley Kwan’s latest film, First Night Nerves.

Founded in 2018, MulanIFF is 100% run by volunteers. In hoping to present the real, unfiltered, and complete picture of China, a small group of recent graduates from the University of Toronto decided to use films as the seeing glass. Mulan International Film Festival was founded with one grand mission: Seeing China, one film at a time.

Image Courtesy: Mulan Festival

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The festival itself aims at facilitating the appreciation of Chinese

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