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ShortList 2019: How Trump’s Travel Ban Nearly Derailed ‘Green’ Drama About 2 Immigrant Brothers

Two years ago, Suzanne Andrews Correa and Mustafa Kaymak were making final preparations to shoot “Green,” a heartrending story about two brothers who must contend with the possibility of deportation and endure the physical and emotional pain of racial violence.

But casting on the short film, a finalist in TheWrap’s ShortList film festival, proved to be an unexpected challenge — but for reasons out of their control. In an on-the-nose turn of events, one of the lead actors — Erol Afsin, a German citizen of Turkish descent who plays the title character — was initially denied a visa to the U.S. because he had visited one of the Muslim-majority countries that were targeted by the administration’s immigration ban. It wasn’t until the day before the shoot began that Andrews Correa knew whether Afsin could come to the U.S. for the film.

Still, finding actors who shared the

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