Brian Banks – Review

Okay, sports (and film) fans, ready for another true tale of an underdog athlete overcoming the odds? Of course, since that’s a staple of this popular film genre. Ah, but this is of a somewhat “mixed” cinema breed. That’s because most sports flicks concern a player overcoming physical adversity, be it a disease (My All American) or injury (Bleed For This). Ah, but in this fact-based drama, the hardship is a prison record. So that “mix” is the inspirational sports biography and a “take on the system” courtroom drama. That’s’ the football/legal battle at the heart of the tale of the “real” man named Brian Banks.

His story begins at what should be the end of his long struggle. Brian (Aldis Hodge) is called into the police station office of his parole officer Mick (Dorian Missick). Seems that because of a new California law, all sex

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