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Nos, Rtp Take Bruno Gascon’s ‘Shadow’ from Caracol Protagonista (Exclusive)

In a sign of its perceived attractiveness for audiences in its native Portugal, major Portuguese distributor Nos Audiovisuais and public broadcaster Rtp have acquired rights to Portuguese director Bruno Gascon’s sophomore feature “Shadow.”

A title worth keeping an eye on at this year’s Locarno Match Me! networking and co-production event, “Shadow” marks Gascon’s follow up to debut feature “Carga.”

A human-trafficking drama-thriller, “Carga” was sold to more than 20 countries by Paris-based Wide and finished in the top five most popular Portuguese films in that country last year by number of admissions, proving a breakout hit for the director and the film’s upstart production company Caracol Protagonista.

“More than just being happy with the successes we had with ‘Carga,’ as a female producer I was so proud that was about female empowerment and raising awareness,” Caracol Protaganista producer Joana Domingues recalled in a conversation with Variety from Locarno.

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