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Celebrating Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Emmy’s Comedy Queen (Column)

Celebrating Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Emmy’s Comedy Queen (Column)

Let’s take a moment to give Julia Louis-Dreyfus some much-deserved praise. As HBO’s “Veep” ends its run — and aims to add a coda to its already amazing haul over the years at the Emmys — the actress is poised to make history one more time this September.

All signs point to another win in the lead comedy actress category for Louis-Dreyfus, which would make her ninth as a performer overall. That would place her ahead of Cloris Leachman, with whom she’s currently tied, at eight each. Louis-Dreyfus already is in the books for winning the most acting Emmys in the same role and on the same series — six, for playing Selina Meyer on “Veep.”

That makes it all the more funny to think that once upon a time there was such a thing as a “‘Seinfeld’ curse.” In the years that followed the 1998 series finale of “Seinfeld,” the

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