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Popcorn Frights 2019 Interview: Writer/Director Tom Botchii Discusses Blending Horror and Comic Books for Artik

Imagine if Leatherface had a comic book obsession and you'll start to get a finger on the deadly pulse of Artik. Starring Jerry G. Angelo, Chase Williamson, Lauren Ashley Carter, Gavin White, and Matt Mercer, Artik takes viewers to a sunflower farm where sadistic things happen in the barn at night. The feature film debut of Tom Botchii, Artik recently had its world premiere at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival in Fort Lauderdale, and while at the festival, Daily Dead had the chance to speak with Botchii about his film's talented cast, unique story, and surprises that sprang up from his filming location.

Thanks for taking the time to chat ahead of Artik's world premiere at Popcorn Frights. This is your first feature film. How long has this idea been percolating? How'd it go from an idea to the film? Was it a multiyear process for you?

Tom Botchii: Honestly,

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