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Super Mario Bros. Deleted Scene Surfaces After Extended Cut Is Discovered

A newly discovered, deleted scene from the Super Mario Bros. movie has debuted online. What's more, this is just part of a newly discovered extended cut of the 1993 live-action video game adaptation, that is said to include a full 15 minutes of additional footage. Whether or not we'll ever see that full cut make its way online remains to be seen. However, based on this one scene alone, it would perhaps be a torturous yet fascinating look at a truly baffling footnote in Hollywood history.

First, a little background. This footage came from a VHS tape that was sold at an auction for the estate of producer Roland Joff&#233, who worked on the movie. It wound up in the possession of a fansite dedicated to Super Mario Bros. At the beginning of the video, they explain a little bit about the tape and what is included on it, before showcasing the scene they've decided to reveal.

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