James Bond 25 Teaser Announces Official Title: No Time to Die

The first teaser for James Bond 25 has arrived. It doesn't carry with it any actual footage from the upcoming entry in the long-running spy series. It does, however, finally confirm the movie's title. We now know James Bond will return in No Time to Die. After months, if not years, of speculating and supposed leaks of the title, it seems nobody got it right, even if some got pretty close. In any event, we now know what to call Craig's final outing os 007.

The teaser features Daniel Craig's Bond strutting in a tuxedo to the classic theme, before the camera pulls away to slowly reveal the title, which is done in a very 70s style. The whole thing is black and white, save for the gold 007 logo. A sly reference to The Man With the Golden Gun perhaps? In any event, the caption provided with the teaser on social media is also telling,

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