The Hunt director speaks out on the controversial movie’s cancellation

The Hunt director, Craig Zobel, has spoken out for the first time about Universal’s decision to cancel the release of the Blumhouse-produced thriller, just days before its intended August 10th Us release.

The studio made the call in the wake of a series of recent mass shootings, and in an exclusive with Variety, Zobel has revealed that he hopes his film will eventually be seen by audiences, and that its message has been misrepresented in recent reports.

For anyone unfamiliar with the controversial premise of The Hunt, it feels no different to something like The Purge, or a take on the Hostel scenario, in that a group of twelve strangers are kidnapped, labelled as ‘Deplorables’, before being systematically hunted for sport.

Zobel, who directed the 2012 breakout hit Compliance, stated that his film wasn’t intended to antagonise either side of the political divide, but was made “to poke

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