The very first Anime Film Festival will show a selection of anime classics in London on September 7th

The brand new Anime Film Festival is taking place on Saturday 7th September in London’s West End, with a programme of visually stunning and captivating films from Japan which will keep keen anime fans, as well as families and younger audiences, spellbound.​

Anime Film Festival was created by Reuben Ramanah, an avid anime fan who has long felt that, despite its strong following in the UK, anime is rarely given the spotlight it deserves in cinemas here. Working with a team of close friends adept in digital marketing and partnering with Picturehouse cinemas, an exciting festival has been created that has already received the backing of Manga UK and Anime Limited as well as creative support from YouTuber Beyond Ghibli and Picnic Animation Studio.

Festival Programme

Mirai (2018) by Mamoru Hosoda

From acclaimed director Mamoru Hosoda comes “Mirai”, a daringly original story of the importance of family across generations, and

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