Film Review: Eliana, Eliana (2002) by Riri Riza

by Ghafara Harashta

Winner for Best New Director at Singapore, Dragon & Tiger Awards at Vancouver, Best Actress for Jajang C. Noer at Cinemaya and Best Supporting Actress for Rachel Maryam at Indonesian Film Festival, “Eliana, Eliana” was released when Indonesian Cinema was treading its path towards the resurrection of the industry.

After a tough day, Eliana arrives home and she is surprised by the visit of her mother. Eliana and her mother, Bunda, have not met for several years since the former ran out from her and the prospect of an arranged marriage back in Western Sumatra. At the same time Heni, Eliana’s roommate, is nowhere to be found. Bunda tries to persuade Eliana to come back home, while she is desperately searching for Heni. During their search, they try to communicate with each other and to break the ice between them along the way, as

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