Frightfest 2019: ‘A Serial Killer’s Guide To Life’ Review

Stars: Katie Brayben, Poppy Roe, Sian Clifford, Fiona Glascott, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Sinead Matthews, Tomiwa Edun, David Newman | Written and Directed by Staten Cousins Roe

British comedy horror has taken many forms. From the Abominable Dr. Phibes to Shaun of the Dead to The Cottage. All very different but all equally funny and A Serial Killer’s Guide To Life is another unique horror comedy that feels at home with a lot of recent films and shows from the U.K.

Lou’s life is going nowhere. Working a minimum wage nothing job and living at home with her mum who she also (kind of) looks after. Looking for some direction in her life she searches for a life coach and happens upon Val. A life coach who is looking to take someone on a self help road trip across England and Lou is desperate enough to hop along for the ride.

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