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Frightfest 2019: ‘Witches in the Woods’ Review

Stars: Hannah Kasulka, Alexander De Jordy, Sasha Clements, Corbin Bleu, Humberly González, Craig Arnold, Kyle Mac, Sasha Clements, Ian Matthews, James Gilbert, David Lafontaine | Written by Christopher Borrelli | Directed by Jordan Barker

I absolutely love films, in particular, horror films that have scenes that involve a lot of snow. Or, even better, if like Witches In The Woods, have a setting that is entirely snow-covered. Maybe it’s my love of Christmas and movies based around that holiday season or maybe it’s just how beautiful landscapes and nature look when covered with the white stuff. Or maybe it’s because when blood is sprayed or dripped on to snow, it looks really really cool. Whatever it is, I know I am going to enjoy a movie a little bit more if snow is featured heavily.

I do also enjoy films that are based in one, small area and as

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