‘End of the Century’ Director Lucio Castro on His Intimate, Epic Vision of the Bonds Across Time

Most discussions about movies that examine time and space are reserved for those doing it on a grand scale–2001: A Space Odyssey or Interstellar, films known more for their visual exploration of these ideas. Lucio Castro’s feature debut End of the Century, following lovers Ocho (Juan Barberini) and Javi (Ramone Pujol) over twenty years, shows the nimble yet affecting inventiveness at which these ideas can be explored. Time shifts at a moment’s notice without much in the way of visual cues. We know time changed by Ocho’s reaction and quick adaptation to every new scenario. He is the connective tissue between hook up, forgotten rendezvous, and childbirth. These are tactical moments in the course of a twenty-year relationship so clearly delineated the actors don’t need make-up to show the passage of time.

We spoke with director Lucio Castro during Outfest in Los Angeles to discuss

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