George Lazenby in the 1972 Giallo Who Saw Her Die? Available on Blu-ray September 17th From Arrow Video

Former Bond star George Lazenby headlines this classic giallo directed by Aldo Lado as compelling for its haunting atmosphere, twists and turns as for its parallels with another great Venetian horror/thriller Nicolas Roeg s Don t Look Now.

Sculptor Franco Serpieri (Lazenby) welcomes Roberta his young daughter from a failed marriage to Venice, unaware that a disturbed child-killer is stalking the city s canals. When Roberta s body is found floating face-down in the river, the lives of Franco and his estranged wife Elizabeth are ripped asunder. Desperate for vengeance, Franco turns detective in a bid to track down his daughter s killer, and in the process unearths shocking evidence of depravity and corruption which implicates some of the most respected figures in Venetian society.

Released at the height of the giallo boom, this gripping mystery thriller boasts some of the most iconic names associated with the genre on both sides of the camera.

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