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Film Review: ‘Bennett’s War’

Film Review: ‘Bennett’s War’

“We’re gonna lose the farm, son!” husks country star Trace Adkins in the trailer for “Bennett’s War,” which then goes on to further suggest the viewer is in for a steaming pile of platitudinous corn, with a side order of flag-waving. And indeed, Alex Ranarivelo’s sports drama has a pretty hokey story gist: Wounded military veteran forces himself to miraculously recover his full mobility so he can return to motocross racing and get that prize money to … yep, save the family farm.

Maybe such on-the-nose marketing works for some Heartland audiences, but the good news about that bad trailer is that it does this film a disservice. While “War” may be a duly formulaic feel-gooder at heart, it also soft-pedals the more potentially heavy-handed emotional beats to pleasing effect.

Modest but enjoyable, with some exciting race footage, it should provide an inviting alternative for audiences on the

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