‘Paul Chowdhry: Live Innit’ – Amazon Comedy Special Review

Paul Chowdhry is someone I’ve been familiar with for a while, from his previous comedy specials (What’s Happening White People? and PC’s World) as well as some of his film roles. He’s a funny comedian and I’ve enjoyed his previous work on stage, so I was down to check out his new special on Amazon Prime entitled Live Innit.

Now, he isn’t a comedian shy to be blunt and full-on with both his jokes and his crowd interactions. There’a a lot of jokes about terrorism and the generalisation of how racist folk see Asian folks. The stereotyping of race is his bread and butter and a large amount of his comedy shows, including this one, surrounds that. Sometimes it’s funny, other times it gets a bit tired, a little typical, but also quite alarming in the sense that as a world things

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