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Comic Book Review – Transformers ’84 #0

Ricky Church reviews Transformers ’84 #0…

With the 35th anniversary of The Transformers soon approaching, Idw is celebrating the franchise’s longevity through the Transformers/Ghostbusters crossover and Transformers ’84 #0, a prequel to the first issue of Marvel Comics’ original Transformers series that helped start it all. Writer Simon Furman returns to the franchise he helped create in the comic medium for this special issue, crafting some interesting backstory to the Autobot and Decepticons’ arrival to Earth and the motivations of Optimus Prime. With art from Guido Guidi, it acts as a nice look back to Transformers‘ beginnings and just how starkly different the comic series was in tone compared to the animated series.

The one notable aspect to Transformers ’84 #0 is its non-linear structure. The issue is split between two different points in time that alternate between the other. One point takes place on Cybertron just prior to the Ark’s launch, containing

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